N55 Pallet - 4 Drum



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Pallet Detail

U.S. COEXCELL’s newest innovation, the N55 Pallet optimizes storage and handling in the food packaging industry. Designed specifically to fit the N55 Drum, the N55 Pallet provides added balance and stability during shipping. The unique design allows N55 drums to nest neatly in the pallet, but also allows for steady stacking.

The N55 Pallet’s plastic construction provides added strength and doesn’t crack or break under pressure. Less permeable to bacteria than wood pallets, the plastic material provides not only increased durability but also safety. Ideal for a food-processing environment High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), resin and is the perfect accompaniment to the N55 drum.

• Plastic construction extends the product’s life and number of uses

• Wide forklift openings provide the optimum distance for trouble-free moving and transport of the pallets

• Built-in weep-holes allow for water drainage as frozen product thaws and prevent the accumulation of water when pallets are stored outdoors

• When not in use, pallets interlock and nest inside each other and save up to 40% in warehouse space

• 50% lighter than wood pallets, the N55 improves efficiency and saves on labor

• Plastic construction extends the product’s life and number of uses

ISO 2015


48” x 48” (123cm x 123cm)

Pallet height: 
10.7” (27cm)

Pallet weight: 
30lbs (13.6kg)

Nesting height per pallet: 
approx. +2” (+ 5cm)

Forklift openings: 
6.28” x 4.70” (16cm x 12cm)

Center dividing wall: 
17.72” (45cm)

Stacked Drum and Pallet height: 
43.75” (111cm)

Black (Other colors available upon special request)


Approximately 1,248 empty, nested pallets can fill a standard 53’ trailer.

Approximately 748 empty, nested pallets fill a 40’ high storage cube container.