N55 Pallet - 6 Drum



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N55 6 Drum

U.S. COEXCELL’s N55-IP (International Pallet), optimizes the handling and storage of the company’s durable and proven N55 plastic drums for international processed food shipping. The N55-IP is specifically designed to maximize the cubage utilization of a 40’ High-Cube Shipping Container and safely hold six N55 drums while providing balance and stability during shipments.

N55-IP pallets neatly fill the width and length of shipping containers and safely assure 2-high stacking throughout. The N55-IP virtually eliminates the inefficiency of loading and unloading drums by hand. Increasing productivity as well as the amount of product per shipment, the N55-IP delivers cost savings for your operation.


  • Plastic construction extends the product life and the number of uses, reducing packaging costs
  • Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin, the pallet provides added strength and is less permeable to bacteria than wood pallets
  • Ideal for a food-processing environment, the N55-IP is the perfect accompaniment to the N55 drum
  • When not in use, the pallets nest inside each other and save up to 40% in warehouse space
  • 50% lighter than wood or steel pallets
  • Easily handled with conventional warehouse equipment
  • Built-in weep-holes prevent the accumulation of water when drums/pallets are stored outdoors and allow for water drainage when frozen product thaws
  • Consistent product dimensions reduce the need for pallet sorting

ISO 2015


Thermoformed HDPE with two galvanized steel reinforcement bars (1” x 2” x 68” rectangular tubes, .125” thick)

46.5” x 85.5” (118cm x 217cm)

Pallet height: 
12.6” (32cm)

Pallet weight: 
86 lbs. (39kg)

Nesting height per pallet: 
+3” (7.6cm)

Stacked drum and pallet height: 
45” (114cm)

Forklift openings: 
Two-way entry from wide side 7” x 4” (18cm x 10cm)

Black with colored marking to indicate forklift entry points