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055 Open Head Drum


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In addition to our Ultra-High Purity Drums, U.S. COEXCELL produces environmentally-friendly, multi-layer & single layer plastic drums to satisfy a variety of more common packaging needs. From bulk janitorial and sanitation chemicals -- both dry and viscous -- to many other dispensable or pourable products, we offer quality containers at affordable cost

At U.S. COEXCELL, our priority, when providing drums to a variety of customers with different requirements, is to achieve an “exact-fit” solution in every situation.

We’ve developed the IC55, C55 and C30 drums to meet and satisfy a broad spectrum of stringent customer requirements with the highest quality drums available.

In addition to our “IC & C” type tight head drums, our O55 drums are designed and constructed to address a broad range of storage and handling needs. Our open head O55 drums are available with removable lids, a wide color assortment and optional custom decorating.

From Ultra-High purity drums required by the micro electrochemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries to general purpose drums such as those used for the janitorial and sanitation markets, U.S. COEXCELL has been providing high quality affordable drums for over 20 years.

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