Thinking Inside The Drum 


055 Open Head Drum


Tight Head Drum Spec Sheet 

The philosophy and products of U.S. COEXCELL offer the chemical industry a package that combines superior quality and outstanding performance with a genuine concern for the environment. Our patented COEXCELL™ plastic drum provides many value-added features that serve to enhance your company’s image and marketing efforts. To make a real difference… choose U.S. COEXCELL.

C55 Up

  • C55 & C30 flange openings accept industry standard extraction, gasket and O-ring styles used in virtually any application.
  • Constant monitoring of key “quality markers” during the manufacturing process assures a consistent high quality product.
  • C55 & C30 are available in single layer or three layer configuration
  • Unique handling ring is available 3.5” or 5.5” high.
  • Available with single ring at top for easy handling and protection, or with an additional ring at the foot of the drum for added stability.
  • Three layer drum configuration isolates color concentrates and UV stabilizers in the outside layers of the C55 & C30 drums.
  • Virgin inner liner layer available - assuring chemical contact with pure HDPE only.
  • UN tested and certified for transport of Group I, Group II and Group III chemistry with and without dip-tube.
  • Patented drum design with integral sump below the flange for maximum extraction capability
    • Each COEXCELL™ drum has its own unique traceability identification label which provides a multi-functional tracking system for the drum user.
    • Drums and Rings are available in a variety of colors.
    • Proven two piece drum design allows for inventory identification through multiple color combinations of drum body and handling ring.
    • Two handling ring heights available for custom designed pump assembly and dip-tube protection.

ISO 2015


The C55

Top Diameter
23.38” (59.39 cm)

Overall Height
36.25” (92.10 cm) (Tall profile) 38.00” (96.52 cm)

Overflow Capacity
60 gal. (227 liter)

Drum Body Weight
24 lbs. (10.9 kg)

The C30

Top Diameter
19.3” (49.0 cm)

Overall Height
(Std. profile) 31.0” (78.74 cm)
(Tall profile) - Not Available

Overflow Capacity
36 gal. (136.27 liter)

Drum Body Weight
16.5 lbs. (7.48 kg)